Enhancing Safety in Blackpool: Join the Shopwatch Scheme Today

In bustling towns like Blackpool, ensuring safety for businesses and residents alike is paramount.

The Shopwatch scheme stands as a beacon of collaborative effort, uniting businesses, local authorities and law enforcement to address crime and anti-social behaviour effectively.

At the heart of Shopwatch lie its members, equipped with essential tools and resources to combat illicit activities. Here’s what membership entails:

  • Rental of Link Radio: Seamless communication channels are vital for swift responses to incidents.
  • Radio Call Sign/Etiquette Training: Proper communication ensures clarity and efficiency during critical moments.
  • Direct Communication Channels: Instant access to BID wardens, CCTV control room, and all Town Centre Shopwatch members fosters a united front against crime.
  • Access to DISC via Website/App: Technology streamlines reporting processes, enabling quick and accurate dissemination of information.
  • Exclusion Order Updates: Stay informed about individuals subject to exclusion orders, enhancing vigilance.
  • Online Reporting to the Police: Reporting crimes online facilitates a proactive approach to law enforcement.
  • Opportunity to Nominate Persistent Offenders: Empowering members to contribute actively to the identification and exclusion of repeat offenders.
  • Data Protection Registration: Ensuring compliance with data protection regulations for the secure handling and distribution of sensitive information.
  • Invitation to Join Shopwatch Committee: Engage directly in shaping the future strategies and initiatives of the scheme.

While the benefits are clear, we recognise that affordability can be a barrier for smaller businesses and charities.

Currently, out of 61 members, only seven are independents or charities. To bridge this gap and foster inclusivity, we’re introducing two new membership levels, making the scheme more accessible to all.

By bolstering membership, we enhance the sharing of intelligence on criminal activities, making it increasingly challenging for illicit behaviours to persist.

As of the 1st April 2024, the new membership fees (including new members) are:

Business TypeCost Per DayCost Per MonthCost Per Year  
National1.37 +VAT£41.66 +VAT£500.00 +VAT
Independent80p +VAT£24.16 +VAT£290.00 +VAT
Charitable55p +VAT£16.66 +VAT£200.00 +VAT

The success of Shopwatch hinges on collaboration. Together, with the support of Blackpool’s vibrant business community, local authorities, and Lancashire Police, we can continue to make significant strides in creating a safer and more secure environment for all.

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