Celebrate Pride Month in Blackpool

June is Pride Month, and it’s time to celebrate love, diversity, and inclusion within our community.

Blackpool Pride is inviting all local businesses to decorate their shopfronts for Pride, starting from June 1st, to make our town vibrant and colourful, reflecting the spirit of unity and acceptance.

Participating in this event offers numerous benefits. It’s an opportunity to showcase your support for LGBTQ+ equality and inclusion and attract more foot traffic and potential customers to your business. Additionally, by decorating your shop front, you stand out as a proud ally and community leader. Plus, the competition adds an extra layer of excitement, as businesses vie for the prestigious title in the Blackpool Pride Business Decoration Contest.

Getting started is easy. Simply fill in the application form as soon as possible to secure your place in the competition. For just £50, you can purchase a Starter Pack, which includes colorful flags, vibrant bunting, and other decorative items. A portion of the proceeds from the Starter Packs will be donated to the Blackpool Pride Festival charity, further supporting this important cause.

Judging will take place from June 1st to 7th, with esteemed judges from Youth Pride evaluating each shop front. The winner will be announced on the main stage during the Blackpool Pride Festival on June 8th, adding to the excitement and community spirit of the event.

The Blackpool Pride Festival, held on the 8th and 9th of June, promises a spectacular weekend filled with events, performances, and celebrations. This year’s theme, “Together we are Stronger,” emphasises the power of unity and community. By participating in the decoration contest, you’ll not only show your support for the LGBTQ+ community but also contribute to a memorable and inclusive celebration.

Happy Pride Month, Blackpool. Let’s celebrate in style! 🌈

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